#AGREEONMP Zoom Backgrounds

Ok, real talk: we miss you. We miss the beautiful bustle of Greenville on a sunny, spring day. But more than anything, we’re glad you’re staying home and taking care of yourself so we can see Greenville back in action sooner than you can say ‘Hey? Can you hear me? Is my camera working? What is this Zoom anyways?!’

So in the meantime, we’ve created a collection of zoom backgrounds straight from the most beautiful days in Greenville. It’s our little way to stay connected to you, and to help you feel like we’re basking in the South Carolina sun all together again.

Click on your favorite (or favorites) #AgreeOnMP image below to expand and to download to use during your next zoom call! And tag us in your virtual Greenville happy hours at @MagnoliaParkGVL.